Welcome to Eurogroup. x

Let’s grow your online business fast!

We can provide over hundred thousand of items to any online shop in no time!

Our business offer is to connect your online shop with our Eurogroup online  platform in order to provide you around hundred thousand of items from Far East. All our suppliers were evaluated and approved by Eurogroup.

For the selected product categories we provide:

  • All the product data
  • Pictures
  • Description in German, French, Italian, Spanish & English
  • In your preferred currency

Our product assortment ranges from consumer electronic over tooling, sport, jewelry, pet to decoration. We are steadily growing in the number of SKU as well as in the selection of product categories offered.

The benefits for our customers are:

  • Considerable growth in SKU
    New opportunity to enlarge your assortments and generate additional turnover with thousands of new products from Asia.
  • Reliable sourcing partner
    Access to reliable sources, evaluated and selected by an experienced global sourcing partner!
  • Minimum effort
    Access to many different sources through only one connection – all at one go!
  • High convenience level
    Access to full product listing data in local languages (D/F/I/S), ready to upload into your system!
  • Quick-win at low cost
    Low investment, easy and fast implementation!

To Learn more about our E-Commerce Solutions, please contact us.