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We care about our living environment and assume responsibility for making our activities as environmentally compatible as possible. We use natural resources carefully and protectively, use the best materials available, optimize our packaging, save energy, restrict the use of dangerous and hazardous substances and dispose of residual waste that we can neither avoid nor recycle in a responsible manner.

We strongly encourage our suppliers to continuously reduce the consumption of resources through optimized business processes and to ensure an environmentally friendly value chain. We only work with suppliers who fulfill our required compliance level, and furthermore we give clear priority to the environmental best practice vendors. We request and conduct regular audits to constantly ensure the level of compliance.

We work together with our customers on development and sourcing of sustainable green products, as well as application of green technologies throughout our value chain whenever possible.

Compliance Requirements

Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI)

In 2014, BEPI was established by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) for retailers, importers and brands committed to improving environmental performance in producers and farms worldwide. It is based on the Environmental Module of Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP). BEPI aims to provide a practical framework that can support all industries in all countries to reduce their environmental impact, business risks and costs through improved environmental practices.

Eurogroup selects and invites suppliers to join BEPI and supports them throughout the whole process from self-assessment and improvement to the final assessment. Together with our owners, we also actively support the Foreign Trade Association in preparing materials for the BEPI roll-out.

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Green products (Oecoplan)

Coop Oecoplan is Coop’s own brand for Sustainable Non Food Products for Household, Hobby, Garden, DIY and Construction. The strength of Oecoplan lies in the use of external Labels such as FSC for Wood and Paper Products, Top Ten for Electronic Products, Blue Angel for Recycled products and many more. Eurogroup supports Coop in sustainable sourcing of these products in Asia and also helps to improve and develop Suppliers towards achieving certification of external Labels and approvals.

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Forest Stewardship council (FSC)

In 1994, FSC was established by a group of timber users, traders and representatives of environmental and human rights organizations. It aims to provide a system that could credibly identify well-managed forests as the sources of responsibly produced wood products. FSC certified products are legal timber products from legal forests, manufacturers and vendors, fulfilling the due diligence of EUTR.

There are over 30,000 FSC certificates issued for forests, manufacturers, processors and traders across more then 110 countries.

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