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About Us

Striving to achieve the best for our stakeholders


Eurogroup is a subsidiary of Coop Group, a leading Swiss retailer in the food and non-food sectors, with successful operations and multiple sales channels across Europe. Eurogroup serves as a buying office for Coop Group and its retail, wholesale and production subsidiaries.

Eurogroup strives to obtain attractive, innovative, sustainable and high-quality products at competitive prices, which enables the company to serve customers better and achieve competitive advantages in its home markets.

Our Board consists of representatives from the Coop Group. As Eurogroup Board members, they do not represent the parent company, but dedicate all their effort into supporting Eurogroup.


Our highly dedicated and motivated team is customer-driven and result-oriented. We are also culturally diverse, open to new ideas, and willing to learn and adapt with agility. We are proud to be employees of Eurogroup Coop and representatives to our customers.

Our managers care about our employees and strive to provide a harmonious, trustful, team-oriented, family-friendly and secure working environment. We provide continuous support to our employees, helping them develop personally and professionally and encouraging them to contribute to Eurogroup’s success.

We conduct all business in strict compliance with our internal Code of Conduct.

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Our Code of Conduct specifies the guiding principles of our company, on which the behavior of all our employees shall be based. It outlines how we at Eurogroup treat each other within the company, how we conduct our business as well as how we treat our business partners and other external stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all staff of Eurogroup in all offices of operation.

We treat each other with respect and free of any discrimination.

We manage by example and through promoting individual responsibility.

We promote a good working environment, continuous development of our employees and fair remuneration.

We take our economic, social and ecological responsibilities seriously.

We expect an active contribution to continuous improvements in sustainability from our employees as well as our business partners.

We promote mutual respect, honesty and integrity and do not accept any inappropriate motives, such as discrimination or compulsion.

We act in the best of interests of our company, our owners and our customers.

We respect the laws and regulations of the countries we work in and with.

Our customers are at the center of all our efforts.

We continuously strive to offer to our customers the best service possible.

We treat our customers in the same way we want to be treated ourselves.

We are doing fair business and are against any restrictions of market competition.

We request from our business partners strict legal compliance and compliance to our company guidelines.

We do not accept any form of bribery and corruption.

We do not grant any advantages to business partners or stakeholders, while at the same time we do not accept any such advantages from other parties.

We do not grant loans to or accept loans from our business partners or stakeholders.

We do not engage in gambling with our business partners or stakeholders.

We are cautious when entertaining with business partners, in order to avoid loss of objectivity when conducting company business.


We avoid engaging in any activities and connections, which may conflict with the Company’s interests.

We have clear internal guidelines about outside employment.

We do not disclose any confidential information to any person outside the Company.

We take special care when handling personal information about our customers, our employees or our business partners.

We do not take Company’s property for personal use or resale.


We ensure that our Code of Conduct is published and known to all our employees.

We report violations of our Code of Conduct and take systematic actions to pursue them.

We strive to create an environment in which anyone can report violations anonymously and without facing negative consequences.

We review and update our Code of Conduct regularly.