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We are globally connected

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Working towards a safe, fair and sustainable future

We take our sustainability commitments seriously

We are committed to operating our business in a socially responsible way, improving the quality of life of the workforce and supporting local charities. We care about our living environment, use natural resources carefully, apply green technologies and develop and source sustainable green products whenever possible.

We request that all our suppliers be socially and environmentally accountable and to ensure continued compliance through regular audits.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and ethical principles guide our decision making. As a progressive and fair employer, we aim to improve quality of life not just for our workforce, but also their families and the local communities in which we operate.

Environmental Responsibility

We care about our living environment and assume responsibility for making our activities as environmentally compatible as possible. We tap into natural resources carefully and protectively, use the best materials available, optimise our packaging, save energy, restrict the use of dangerous and hazardous substances and dispose of residual waste that we can neither avoid nor recycle in a responsible manner.

We strongly encourage our suppliers to continuously reduce the consumption of resources through optimised business processes and to ensure an environmentally friendly value chain.

Food Compliance

Eurogroup is dedicated to a high-quality standard in the food business. We maintain high-quality service levels to ensure the needs of our customers are met.

As part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we are also dedicated to sourcing and developing sustainable food products.

Charity Fund

As a socially responsible organisation, we seek to bring about lasting change by meeting critical needs around the world. Our long-term goal is to secure positive futures, particularly for underprivileged children

In Asia, the Eurogroup Charity Fund supports multi-year educational and sustainable development projects that serve local communities in Asia.