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Sourcing retail products in over
600 categories

Gain competitive advantage through our expertise

We have the strategic capability to source and develop retail products from a comprehensive range of categories

Eurogroup globally sources and develops food, near-food, non-food, shop-fitting and non-commercial products. Thanks to our decades of sourcing experience in the world’s most competitive markets, we are able to lead the entire process, from pre-selection, product specification and quality control to shipment. Our private label assortment of products as well as branded assortments allow our retail customers to offer a range of value propositions to consumers, all the while ensuring they are of the highest quality and sourced sustainably.

Our large product range spans textiles, decorations, household goods, furniture, camping and gardening products, power and construction tools, electrical equipment, sanitary and installation supplies, toys, sporting goods, stationery, food and near-food, shop-fitting and non-commercial products.

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Ensuring quality across all categories

We ensure rigorous quality requirements are met – specifically to your needs

At Eurogroup, our experts are global specialists when it comes to diverse quality requirements across each product category, as well as from country to country, and even between customers.

Through our product selection process, we ensure rigorous adherence to all legal and country-specific product safety and usability requirements, while maintaining the flexibility to offer tailormade quality checks according to all customer needs.